Come learn with me

I really love learning. I learn the most from talking to others and from books. Sharing the things we learn is important. That’s what I want to do here on this page, but if others don’t find this a valuable use of my time I’d be happy to reallocate it elsewhere.

There are many wonderful, unique people I have the enjoyment of knowing and sharing experiences with. This has shown me that people from different cultures, industries and fields of study have so much they could learn from one another. The potential inherent in sharing and combining specific methods, knowledge and understandings from many different traditions of knowing is mostly untapped in our current society.

I learn a lot from those around me. I aspire to learn and share what I learn as part of a virtuous cycle. Pieces of knowledge are usually not unique to any person, but understanding more often is. Sharing our different ways of understanding, even when the baseline information is the same, helps us keep growing and learning as free yet connected people. Everyone has their own lessons to teach and everyone also has much to learn. I believe learning, in this holistic sense, is a keystone factor in uplifting us all to a more calm and cooperative existence.

In my writing about books, I’m not a reviewer. I struggle with what to call my writing about writing. I don’t know what to call it yet, but I want to emphasize that my thoughts on the writings of others are not reviews. I do not like the idea of placing myself in the role of judging the work of others in that way.

When writing about books or other works of written art created by others, I will only be sharing what is helpful from them. I am not here to put others down by disparaging something they worked hard on. When I decide I don’t like a book, I simply stop reading it.

There will also be posts that are not about a specific book or conversation, but which synthesize learning I’ve done through lots of sources. And I’ll share my sources as much as I can.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll come learn with me.

Someone who likes learning and sharing what we learn.