We are looking at a social failure, not a series of personal failures.

Banner in front of a camp slated for eviction in Sacramento, 2018. Photo from The Davis Vanguard.

Every time a social change group says, “we only focus on our issue,” all movements become a bit weaker

Image by Geralt

We have made little progress because most of us are still denying the actual situation in one way or another

Professor William Nordhaus in Sweden in 2018, photo by Bengt Nyman, Creative Commons

The “fixed brain” is a concept many have internalized, but it has no basis in science. The implications are huge.

Photo by Brian Yap

International leaders, including President Biden, are still supporting a kelptocracy that the Haitian people desperately want gone

Pro-democracy, anti-government demonstration in Haiti in 2018

Organized workers are pushing their unions to do better on ecological and climate issues. It’s time for the environmental movement to embrace labor organizing too.

credit: Nicholas Eckhart

The epic saga of the abolition of colonial slavery, and it’s modern relevance, as told through two overlapping historical narratives

Section of the painting Proclamation of Abolition of Slavery in the French Colonies, 27 April 1848 done in 1849 by French painter François-Auguste Biard

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